Geant Supermarket Valentine’s day

The brief:

Create an interesting and intriguing Valentine’s Day communication outlining the below objectives:

  • Inform audiences that Géant offers a huge variety of quality gifting options
    for Valentine’s Day.
  • Also inform them that they will find unique and different gifts for their loved ones.

Creative communication:

  • Valentine’s with Geant.
  • Valentine’s is the occasion for Géant to celebrate love and the happiness it entails with the entire community.
  • And to turn from supermarket to Lovemarket.

Execution 1:

  • Our loved ones have different interests.
  • Some like to bake, others like to dress up, while others just want to play games.
  • But whatever their passion, Géant has the right gift for them.

Execution 2:

Finding the right gift is not always easy.
Even when we know what we want to gift our loved ones, we don’t always have time to go to multiple stores.

Offering a variety of quality gift choices that satisfy different tastes, Géant is here to make sure we find what we’re looking for.