Creative help with your identity design projects.

June 20, 2023

Whether you are a full-time professional graphic designer or a part-timer offering graphic design services, creating a sleek graphic design portfolio is important to showcase your unique style and highlight your skills in today’s design industry.

Your portfolio should give your target audience a glimpse of your capability to conceptualize, develop and execute a design. But how can you exactly make your portfolio more interesting to your potential clients?

Business Branding Essentials

As a graphic designer, your job is to help a company create its brand identity, starting with its color palette and logo design.

Keep in mind that all your design projects play a critical role in increasing your client’s brand visibility. You may want to take a page from some established brands and research what works and what doesn’t in marketing campaigns. You may also get inspiration from your potential client.

To increase any client’s brand visibility, uniform branding elements should be used in their marketing collateral, such as flyers, business cards and brochures. Your clients’ web design should also be consistent with their branding.

Here are business branding essentials ideas you can try designing for your portfolio: